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Satisfy cleaning needs with
quality products.


To be leaders in sustainable products that facilitate everyday cleaning

Installations in 1992

About Us

At Fábrica Escocesa, S.A. we have been focusing on satisfying the needs of our customers. For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to the manufacturing, commercialization and distribution of plastic brooms, brushes and a variety of cleaning products of excellent quality.

Friendly with the Environment

At Fabrica Escocesa, S.A. we base our manufacturing process on principles from the Circular Economy, this means we use recyclable material in our production process. For example, our broom support pallets and fibers are made using plastic from bottles, caps, and other containers that we collect and process.

We believe the Circular Economy is of great importance to properly conserve the environment, as our planets natural resources are depleted.

The best team

Our team is highly committed to quality, we focus on maintaining high levels of operation and growth, offering the best products for national and international markets.

The best service

Not only do we offer a wide variety of products, but also professional and personalized advice for your cleaning supply needs.

Thanks to your support,

Fábrica Escocesa, S.A. is continuously investing in the most advanced technology and innovating the solutions we offer our clients.

Thanks to you we can be better and better.